Conducting a Memorial Service at a Church

Baer / December 23, 2018

One of the best venues you can select for a memorial service is a church. There are many benefits that you stand to get, if you opt to conduct a memorial service at a church. For one, it is unlikely that you will have to pay lots of money, to be allowed to conduct a memorial service at church. This is contrast to other types of venues: which you’d have to pay considerable sums of money for. The church is also unlikely to be a controversial venue for a memorial service. Since this is a ‘service’ it is only proper that it is held at a church. But if you were to opt for some other type of venue, questions may be asked, as to why you chose this type of venue, and not this other type…

Ideally the service should be held at the church where the person was a member (that is, the for whom the memorial service is being held).

You have to understand that the church is used as a venue for many other types of events. Therefore, at the time when you intend to hold the memorial service, there may be some sort of other event taking place at the church. You therefore need to be ready to be flexible, in line with the church’s schedule. It would be even better if you booked the church as a venue for the memorial service well in advance. This means that it is the other people seeking to hold events there are the ones who would have to bend their schedules.

As mentioned earlier, you will almost certainly have to pay something for the church as a venue for the memorial service. But this shouldn’t be too much. Further, you will have to pay the church minister who will be leading the memorial service. You shouldn’t begrudge him of this payment. After all, by opting to officiate at the memorial service, he would be foregoing other things that he would otherwise have been doing. Like, for instance, the church minister (like anyone else) may have received the capital one credit card mail offer. He may then have decided to apply for the said credit card online (through the getmyoffer system) on a certain day, at a certain time. Then it happens that that is the time you request him to officiate at the memorial service. Wouldn’t it, then, be just fair to pay him something to compensate for the inconvenience?

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