Creating the Schedule of Activities for a Memorial Service

Baer / February 20, 2018

One of the major tasks you need to tackle, while organizing a memorial service, is that of creating the schedule of activities (for the service). You need, for instance, to be in a position to make a decision as to when the memorial service will be starting, and when the memorial service will be ending. Then you need to make decisions on the activities that are to take place in between: so as to ensure that the program flows smoothly. Some of the important considerations to make when creating a schedule of activities for a memorial service include:

  1. The exact time when the memorial service is to start: this has to be most convenient time for the attendees.
  2. The exact time when the memorial service is to end: this too, has to be the most convenient time for the attendees.
  3. The whole range of activities that are to take place: you need to select activities that will truly serve to commemorate the life for which the memorial service is to be held.
  4. The exact durations of time when the activities are to take place: here, the most important thing is to be quite strict, to ensure that no activity takes longer than planned. If any activity takes longer than planned, the entire program will be messed up with. But you also need to be realistic in your allocations of time. That is a question of trying to figure out how much time (realistically) the respective activities are likely to require, and then making the allocations accordingly.
  5. Allowances for unforeseeable delays: the objective would to ensure that, in spite of these unforeseeable delays, the program runs (almost) as intended. The idea is to ensure that the rest of the program is not disrupted, in case there is a delay at some point in the memorial service schedule. By the way, planning for unforeseeable delays is something you should be doing in all your other projects and undertakings. Even in your finances, for instance, you should be in a position to plan for unforeseeable delays. If, for instance, you were planning on using your paycheck to finance the memorial service, you should have a contingency plan to apply in case the paycheck delays. Otherwise you could visit, say, the Securitas paperlesstalx portal expecting to find the money, only to find a delay. You could actually have a situation where the entire portal, at, is inaccessible – yet you were counting on the paycheck money to finance the memorial service. If you had no contingency plan to finance the event in case of such delays, you’d be left with no alternative but to (perhaps) postpone the memorial. And postponing the memorial service would, in turn, leave you embarrassed, while also inconveniencing the attendees who may have slotted the event into their diaries.

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