The Diamond Process

Just as in nature – where diamonds are formed by the earth heating carbon to immense temperatures under massive pressure over millions of years, our memorial diamonds are made emulating almost exactly those conditions. We use carbon derived from your loved-ones ashes or hair/nails in a process that takes weeks rather than millions of years.The Diamond Process

Diamonds are basically carbon, compressed by the earth and formed over 3.3billion years at depths over 250 miles deep, molten in fantastic temperatures.

It has been possible to make diamonds for over 50 years. Russia became proficient at making reasonable diamonds and the process was first patented by GE.

Laboratory diamonds are made in two basic ways, our memorial diamonds use the same process as nature – High Heat and High Pressure over Time.

The human body is basically made up of carbon (and water and other minerals). The lab’ take the carbon, purify it and use it in the HHHP process but instead of Millions of years the process can be completed in about 3 months.

The resultant diamond crystal is cut and polished in the traditional way.

Diamond CuttingFrom receiving the donated material the process is given a unique number and tracked all the way through the various processes. After approx’ 3 months the finished diamond is handed to you personally or where that is not possible it will be sent by registered post.

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