Frequently Asked Questions

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Are The Diamonds Real?

They are, and have ALL the exact same properties of natural mined diamonds but are termed ‘created diamonds’ or laboratory grown diamonds, they are extremely difficult to tell from their natural counterparts. These are not diamond imitations like CZ (Cubic Zirconium) or Moissanite (Silicon Carbide), they are not ‘DNA Diamonds’ or any of the other vast number of synthetics available and they have not been interfered with or irradiated in any way to change their colour.

Is the diamond made from just ashes?

Our initial product was making diamonds from ‘cremains’ only, but now we can use hair – as hair actually has a higher concentrate of carbon. So this enables us to create a diamond from either a still living person or a pet or someone being buried not cremated. We can also use nails and horn and the umbilical cord of new born or stillborn babies.

What colours can be made?

The usual outcome when using human or animal material is canary yellow, however it is possible to make diamonds blue. These colours are called ‘fancies’ in nature and can cost many thousands of dollars per carat more than white diamonds. The yellow hue does not stop the fire and the scintillation of light sparkling through.

How do you do it?

All diamonds – natural and man-made – are basically carbon. It has been possible to make real diamonds since the 1950’s. The special process creates a unique raw diamond crystal from either ‘cremains’ (cremation ash) or hair using extracted pure carbon. Obviously the process is a trade secret, patented and scientific to the extreme, but put simply we emulate nature by using fantastic heat, massive pressure, over a long time – but instead of millions of years it can be achieved in a few months. We then cut and polish the created diamond crystal just like mined ones have been for hundreds of years.

How do I know it is a diamond and made using my donation?

We have absolutely no reason to cheat you. We feel compassionate and privileged to be able to provide you with an everlasting and valuable memorial. All orders are uniquely identified throughout from collection, manufacturing and delivery. We take pride in being able to make a real and totally unique diamond in this way for you.

Is the diamond flawless?

This answer goes along with the above (it is another frequently asked question). The straight answer is mainly “No”. Just as in nature, many diamonds have flaws and inclusions, the material you donate is as unique as the resultant diamond, so we do not know until the process is complete. The very experienced cutter avoids such inclusions and flaws as much as possible and the highly polished ‘brilliant cut’ allows all the flare and fire to flash from the stone.

How much does it cost?

Prices are in our Ordering Process section, but please read on.

Sizes range from .25 to 1.0 carat in various cuts. It costs almost as much to pre-process for a fractional diamond as it does a large one.

We realise this is an important decision not taken lightly, but if your funds are limited, choose a size to match your budget. We cannot supply a single stone smaller than 0.5 crt (1/2 carat) but smaller ones are made in three’s and pairs. We can now supply more than one diamond from the same donated material – i.e. 2 x .35crt (0.70 crt total) or 3 x .25crt (0,75 crt total). Prices are subjected to change without notice.

What do you need from me?

I need approx’ 250 grams of ashes or 35-40 grams of hair for the canary diamonds and 500 grams of ashes or 100 grams of hair for blue. I can send you a pack and more info’ – either for you to weigh out or for your funeral director to help you.

How do I order?

As this is likely to be an important purchase for you, I will gladly discuss arrangements directly with you – firstly by telephone and e-mail then later arrange to collect the material you wish to be made into a diamond, or I can write to you to give you all the details if meeting you is impracticable. I have a self-print order form on the website which also details our trading terms and conditions. Using deceased loved- ones hair or nails is more complicated, so I will make special arrangements with those concerned if necessary – please phone me.

How long does it take?

From order to delivery, it can take approx 16 weeks. I cannot state exactly how long as these processes are complex and difficult to determine. Orders are also subject to laboratory queuing as orders are taken in the mail.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Both the deposit and final payment can be paid by cheque, cash or transfer (all of which must ‘clear’ before beginning the process and final delivery).

Can I cancel?

Although not required (by law), I offer a 14 day cooling off period, after which I sincerely ask you to consider the implications of cancelling your order, for once the processing has started the material being used, the costs and charges will be mounting daily. Some of the process is difficult to stop, costs will depend on the work already carried out. Our sales and the supply is subject to ‘Terms and Conditions’ detailed on the order form – but basically – If I have not processed the order and not committed ourselves, I will refund you in full less a 5% administration charge. I am sure you will not require hair or nail back but if ‘Cremains’ have been partially processed – returns may be impracticable (if not impossible) – so think hard before you commit yourself.

Can you help me, the whole thing it's very upsetting - but I want it done.

Of course I can, there is no rush, no sales pressure from me. I would be delighted to assist you with filling in forms, dealing with donated material and payment. Wherever possible I can arrange for a personal service, to meet you, show you examples and collect all that is required. If this is impracticable, I can deal with all matters via the secure post, using recorded delivery and courier.