How to Set Up a Public Address System for Use in a Memorial Service

Baer / December 23, 2017

If you are expecting a sizeable number of people to attend a memorial service, then it makes sense to set up some sort of public address system. Otherwise the attendees won’t be able to hear what the speakers will be saying in the course of the memorial service. And that would be too disappointing: for a person to leave her other commitments, possibly travel quite some distance to attend the memorial service – only to end up being unable to hear what is being said. Thus, for instance, if a person works for a company like CVS, she will have gone to the CVS HR login page, signed into the portal, and requested for a full day off to attend the memorial service. And then, due to lack of a public address system, she ends up being unable to hear what is being said. That can be truly a huge disappointment. It therefore makes sense to acquire a public address system, and ensure that it is set up in the right manner.

If you have contracted one of the companies that specialize in organizing memorial services, they may supply you with the public address system. They may even go a step further, and help you set up the system. This is usually part of the service package you sign up for, with these firms.

If you are organizing the memorial service independently (without the help of one of the companies that specialize in these matters), then things will be different. You will have to figure out how to acquire the public address system. There are companies whose core business is that of hiring out public address systems. You can contact one such company, and request it to allow you to use one of its PA systems. You obviously need to ensure that the public address system you hire is one that is adequate for the audience you are expecting. You need to ensure that it is set up in such a way that the echo effect is minimized. Other effects that are capable of distorting speakers’ voices need to be eliminated (or minimized) too. Then you need to ensure that the system is set up in such a way that the sound rings out clearly and loudly – but no so loudly as to be irritating.

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