Inviting People to a Memorial Service

Baer / January 27, 2018

There are several ways in which you can invite people to a memorial service. In today’s article, we will be looking at those invitation methods. And without any further ado, some of those ways, in which you can invite people to a memorial service include:

  1. By printing invitation cards: this entails designing and printing cards, inviting people to attend the memorial service. So you design the cards. Then you print them out. And then you hand them (or mail them) to the people you want to attend the memorial service.
  2. By making phone calls: this entails making phone calls to the people you want to attend the memorial service, and inviting them to attend. It works well if the number of attendees you are targeting is small. That is, for instance, if you want the memorial service to be an affair involving you, a few of your friends and relatives.
  3. Through the use of email: here, you compose an email, inviting people to attend the memorial service, and send it to all the people you wish to have in attendance. You just have to be sure that the people you invite this way are folks who check their email frequently. You see, there are folks who go for very long periods of time without checking their email. Thus, the folks you invite through email should (ideally) be people who use the Internet frequently for other purposes. That is where, for instance, a person may venture online to, say, check his account balance on the mypremiercreditcard portal. Then, while at it, he also decides to check his email: whereupon he may come across your invitation to a memorial service.
  4. By using newspaper ads: if you are targeting many attendees from all over, you can opt to put the invitation on a national or regional newspaper.
  5. By using word of mouth: if you are targeting a small circle of attendees, and they happen to be people you interact with personally, then you can opt to simply invite them by word of mouth.
  6. By using social media: this is where you can use, say, a Facebook group or a Whatsapp group to invite people to the memorial service.

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