The Jessica Diamond

We were almost as amazed as you are now when we learned from our partners in the UK that they had developed this amazing blue diamond from the umbilical cord of a baby. Their findings were that the umbilical cord has a higher concentrate of carbon than even ashes or hair.The Jessica Diamond

When the time came for the delivery of the baby the nurses were asked to put the umbilical cord straight into their deep-freeze – ready for collection.

Jessica was delivered on the 27th of January 2008 at just 4 lbs 11ozs – thankfully alive and well – though the situation was very delicate to say the least!!!

The frozen cord was collected and then kept frozen. It was eventually treated [sorry, can’t disclose how] to become pure carbon. The lab’ then used this carbon in our usual process when making blue diamonds – though with this ‘world first’ we all had to take extra special care.

The HHHP process we use, runs under a pressure around 10,000 tons per square inch at temperatures of 1300c for a calculated long period of weeks – almost under constant supervision. Eventually the raw crystal emerged and the cutter with many years experience chose the clearest section from which to cut the biggest clear diamond possible. After polishing we now have a 0.5 carat Aqua Blue brilliant cut diamond which was almost flawless, icy blue and very clear.

During this lengthy wait, we were all under ‘tender hooks’ as so much could have gone wrong, but thankfully all has turned out well. The donors called to ask if we could name the diamond – and so we have – The Jessica Diamond, first in the world…

Baby JessicaThankfully this story had a happy ending. There are a lot of babies who unfortunately pass away. We can provide a free service for these grieving families. Once the umbilical cord is taken by the nurses, labelled and frozen we can arrange to have it picked up personally on the Sunshine Coast or registered express post. Phoenix Memorials will carefully process and file the carbon for the future. All details will be strictly confidential and every care will be taken to have this special carbon stored. If the parents would like to have a diamond or memorial piece made in the future they can contact Sue personally to arrange a meeting.


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