Memorial Service Etiquette

Baer / September 11, 2018

As with all other types of social events, there is a code of conduct that is supposed to be adhered to at a memorial service. In other words, there is a certain etiquette, on the basis of which you are supposed to behave, while attending a memorial service.

In terms of memorial service etiquette, you need to (at the very least)

  1. Dress appropriately for the memorial service
  2. Be mindful of the grieving family in your words and actions
  3. Leave the memorial service at the right time (rather than being too eager to leave once the service ends)
  4. Be brief if called upon to address the attendees
  5. Get to the memorial service on time

The latter point, on getting to the memorial service on time, is worth paying special attention to. For it would be really wrong for you to get in while the memorial service has already started. Your footsteps, as you walk into the chapel, hall (or whatever other place) where the memorial service is being held are likely to distract other attendees. People may also feel that you don’t respect their time, especially if you are one of the organizers behind the memorial service.

It doesn’t really matter what you spent your time doing, so as to end up being late for the memorial service. You could as well have spent your time on very worthwhile activities. You could, for instance, have recently gotten a job at Darden. You could therefore have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to login to krowd portal. This would surely have been a worthwhile way to spend your time, especially keeping in mind that you wouldn’t access your work schedules unless you were able to go past the krowd sign in page. Yet the other attendees at the memorial service won’t view it in that light. They will imagine that you wasted your time having fun, and ended up being late for the memorial service. Consequently, you may find the other attendees at the memorial service viewing you in a rather awkward manner.

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