In Memory Of..

My Story

Digby and the Digby DiamondDigby belonged to my late brother Peter. They were best mates, doing everything together even riding around the fire trails in the Blue Mountains NSW on the motorbike.

It was September 1988 when I received the devastating news that my brother had died, he was only 24 years old. Digby stayed with Peter for 2 days before he was found. The decision was made to “put Digby down”. Feeling that this was the only piece of my brother I had left I wouldn’t allow it.

So from that day on he became my mate and wonderful companion for over 12 years. He baby sat our new born baby daughter for hours, laying on the lounge with her cradled in his nice warm body. Digby was always there, it was like I had a part of my brother looking after me. In March 2000 he became very sick with cancer so it was a heartbreaking but kind decision to put him to sleep. I didn’t want to let go, so I had him cremated.

Peter and Digby 1984Digby sat on the shelf in my office for 9 years, during this time I thought about scattering his ashes with my brothers, however this was impossible for me to do. I regretted throwing away my brother’s ashes; I couldn’t do the same with Digga.

Peter and Digby have been my inspiration for starting up my business Phoenix Memorials. The diamond made from his ashes will be a loving reminder of my childhood with Peter and also the wonderful times spent with this brilliant dog. The one carat yellow diamond is my Digby Diamond.

In loving Memory of Peter Robert Mcleish & Digby

Your Sister & Best Mate always, Sue