Musical Options for a Memorial Service

Baer / April 3, 2018

Music is usually an integral part of a memorial service. If you take a typical memorial service, you will realize that as much as half of the time is spent playing music or singing. At the very least, there has to be music playing (or music being sung) as people enter the venue where the memorial service is being held. Then it is often necessary to have pieces of music playing in the interludes between speakers/activities, as the memorial service progresses. Further on, at the end of the memorial service, it is usually necessary to play some music or to have the people sing, as they exit the venue of the memorial service. All this therefore means that if you are organizing a memorial service, you have to think about the music that is to be played/sung during the service. The options available to you include:

  1. Using pre-recorded music: this is one of the simplest (and most cost-effective ways) to get music for a memorial service. You just need to have a carefully selected playlist, and ensure that there is a good backup for it.
  2. Having a professional band provide live music: this option makes sense if you want to have a truly memorable event. But this can also be a rather expensive option. It may definitely not be the sort of thing you can pay for using the money in your Walmartone pay stub. To fact-check that statement, you only need to visit the Walmartone sign in screen, and skim through your paystubs – and you will see that your hourly earnings are in terms of tens of dollars per hour (at most). Yet getting a professional band to provide live music during a memorial service is likely to cost you hundreds of dollars, at the very least. But of course if you pool resources together, you may just be able to finance a professional band – your individual modest earnings notwithstanding.
  3. Simply having the attendees sing: this is another simple option. You can have the lyrics for the hymns (or any other songs that are to be sung) during the memorial service printed onto sheets of papers. Then you can have those sheets distributed to the attendees, who would then be in a position to sing in unison during the memorial service.

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