Our Products

Our Products

Memorial Diamonds

Consider a ‘Phoenix Memorial Diamond’ just for a minute. What better way could you immortalize a beloved partner, relative or pet than have us turn their ashes (or hair) into a fabulous diamond? After all.. Diamonds are Forever!


The Jessica Diamond

An amazing blue diamond created from the umbilical cord of a baby.

Sterling Silver Pendant Range

A collection of stunning Sterling Silver Pendants. Each pendant holds a good amount of cremains. Two designs have double chambers

Heart Crystal Orbs

Filled with your loved one’s/pet’s ashes then forever preserved with a photo on top.


Stainless Steel Bracelets

Originally designed for men, these Stainless Steel Silicon bracelets have a slick modern design. On the underside of the bead ashes are sealed.

All these memorial pieces are affordable and individual. If other members of the family wish to keep a part of their loved one then we can organise something for everyone. You only need a small amount of ashes for each piece.