Raising Funds for a Memorial Service

Baer / March 16, 2018

There are certain costs that have to be incurred while organizing a memorial service. For one, the venue where the memorial service is to be held may have to be paid for. Then a public address system may have to be hired, for the memorial service. Further still, if you engage a professional firm to help you organize the memorial service, you would have to pay for the firm’s services. And at yet another level, if you opt to publicize the memorial service by, say, buying space on the local newspaper obituary pages, you’d have to pay for that too. The costs don’t end there: for you may consider serving some refreshments to the people who would be attending the memorial service. That too would cost quite a bit of money… The question that arises is as to how the funds to finance all these things can be raised.

As it turns out, there are 2 key ways through which people usually raise funds for memorial services, namely:

  1. Through contributions from the family members: this is where the family members (of the person for whom the memorial service is being held) contribute small sums of money, to finance the memorial service. If, for instance, you are looking at a family with 200 members, and each member donates, say, $100, you’d be having $20,000 – enough to finance a small memorial service. Getting the family members to contribute $100 for the memorial service shouldn’t be too hard, if they are told about it in good time. Even a person who works as, say, a parcel employee may be able to afford it — if he is told in good time. Like if he is a parcel employee working for UPS, he can proceed to the UPSers sign in page, sign into the UPS employees’ portal, and check to see how big his next paycheck is likely to be. Then, armed with that information, he can proceed to plan his finances in such a way that he is able to afford the contributions for the memorial service. But that, of course, is only if he is told in good time.
  2. Through donations from individual family members: this is where a single well-off family member opts to finance the entire memorial service — meaning that the rest of the family members would only have to attend the event, without having to pay anything.

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