Sterling Silver Pendants

A fine selection of Sterling Silver Memorial pendants. Each pendant holds a descent amount of human or pet cremains. Some come with a silk thread chain or silver chain. The cross and circular pendants have two chambers. Ideal for deceased parents, siblings or twins. 


Long Bottle P-009-017Small Bottle P-009-157 x2Ribbon P-009-052_x2Heart P-010-045x2Cross with Black chain P-4984x2Double Chamber P-010-051Arrow Head P-009-168x2 Drop P-4982

Double Chamber – $320.00

Double Cross,Silk -$240.00

Double Cross,Chain – $280.00

Tear Drop,Silk – $280.00

Small Bottle,Chain – $280.00

Heart,Chain – $240.00

Long Bottle,Silk – $195.00

Long Bottle,Chain – $240.00

Arrowhead,Silk – $240.00

Arrowhead,Chain – $280.00

Ribbon,Silk – $195.00

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